23 Luglio 2024
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SPARTACUS The company started its activity at the end of the 50s with the production of tea towels and trade of products for home cleaning. Over the last 15 years has specialized in the production of cotton and synthetic mop and lately in the molding of a diverse range of plastic household items. Spartacus International is a company in constant development and aims always looking for new technologies to meet the ongoing and increasingly demanding market.


Making significant investments in industrial and tecnologici SPARTACUS means that each product is created within the company, thus achieving a high standard of quality, ina greater reliability and on time delivery.


Spartacus has always placed its attention to the study and implementation of increasingly ergonomic and functional, thus facilitating the work of cleaning any type of environment. Getting also an increasingly large and clearly established customer satisfaction. Quality and continuous search for an increasingly demanding and constantly evolving.

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